IDW; $3.99

Mitra was a normal young teenager until she got a weird phone in the mail that is causing bizarre things to happen through the apps and camera filters. People around her are getting hurt, she’s seeing strange things, she can hear what her friends are thinking – it’s a very bad phone.

Mitra and Kyra find themselves in danger when Weather shows up to rescue them and they finally discuss the danger of the phone. But after deciding to delete photos to break their spells, they learn that Flips is in trouble at school. There they are confronted by Slappy, who wants the phone to enslave people, a group of Creeps that want the phone for world domination, a Mitra imposter who wants her life, and a very creepy beauty consultant. Yes, it’s a very bad phone.

Goosebumps Download and Die by Jen Vaughn was a very entertaining comic for young readers and the adults who grew up reading R.L. Stine’s books. It follows his style, creating some frightening scenarios with outlandish scary characters. The kids are all likable, making readers feel invested in them beyond the spooky situation.

The art by Michelle Wong and colors by Triona Tree Farrell brought the story to life from the cute awkward teen moments to the onslaught of scary characters. The art is clean and easy to follow with bright colors that’ll entice young readers.

-Amanda Sheriff