Valiant; $3.99

Ninjak’s back up, K-2 fled to Mexico and betrayed MI6 by sharing the agency’s secrets. Ninja-K was sent to confront him but he finds that the situation is worse than he thought. A coalition of unsavory types was formed and they adapted tech from the Armor Hunters’ attack to cheat time and wreck all kinds of havoc.

The Coalition is messing with Deadside ‒ which could be another dimension, the afterlife, or connection to magic ‒ by way of artifacts. These artifacts could also allow beings in Deadside access to embody the living. Livewire has joined Ninjak on this mission that is quickly escalating in dire circumstances. They are joined by Dr. Mirage and her ghost husband Hwen, along with Punk Mambo to face the Coalition and their growing list of threats.

The situation introduced in Ninja-K #6 has grown very quickly in this issue. It’s alien tech meets magical otherworldly power in a well written story by Christos Gage. He is able to make the Coalition’s complicated machinations, their diverse personas, and the rules of this magic/tech mix understandable and easy for readers to follow. Adding Dr. Mirage, Hwen, and Punk Mambo in the mix gave the story a different flavor than most Ninjak comics with a smidgen of humor that, surprisingly, worked given the tone of the book.

The look of each character is well defined by artist Juan José Ryp and colorist Jordie Bellair. Their attitudes and personalities come through clearly in the artwork, adding depth to the story. It has less of the technology and gadgetry that’s usually in Ninjak books, but the addition of magic and a bit of horror/fantasy looks really good.

-Amanda Sheriff