KaBOOM!; $7.99

Garfield may hate Mondays, but Wednesdays are a different story. Especially when Wednesday brings with it Garfield 2018 Vacation Time Blues. The story begins on a sandy beach as the heat of the raging sun beats down on Odie and Garfield. All this lovable duo wants is to get off this beach and scarf down on a frozen pizza. Unfortunately, they have bigger problems on their hands, it seems all the spoiling Jon does to Garfield has caught the attention of some ladies on the beach. But while some woman are enticed by the spoiling, Jon’s girlfriend Liz is at her breaking point. 

As Jon entertains his new lady friend with copious amounts of ice cream, Odie and Garfield make their way into the ocean to cool off. If only they listened to the lifeguard’s warning about sharks in the water. While the handsome lifeguard is too good to risk his life to save these pets, Jon doesn’t hesitate to plunge headfirst into the water. If you thought giant sharks were the scariest things terrorizing the beach, just wait until the Lasagna Monster hits the shores!

Writers Mark Evanier and Scott Nickel have brought the original grumpy cat to life in a hilarious new story fans of Jim Davis’ creation are sure to enjoy. Meanwhile the cartoonish art by Antonio Alfaro and David DeGrand makes this a can’t miss issue!

-Braelynn Bowersox