Marvel; $3.99

Cable is being tracked through time by a nasty techno-organic being known as Metus, but he’s not the only one who has to face it – his half-brother Nate Grey crashes into Cable’s safe house after also having to face the threat. The two mutants timeslide into a future safe house, where three more alternate Cables await them. Given their nature of being stubborn and difficult to get along with, things don’t go super smoothly, and Metus’ appearance is the only thing that can force them to work together.

This is a very 1990s-flavored issue of Cable, and it’s got just the right amount of ridiculous action going on without being too extreme about it. Seeing Cable fight alongside Nate Grey is always a treat and their complex relationship is explored a bit in this issue as well. This has so far been one of the better arcs of the latest run on Cable, so I’d recommend starting here if the character’s appearance in Deadpool 2 spurs interest in his stories.

-Carrie Wood