Dynamite; $3.99

The previous issue of Xena Warrior Princess teased some serious action that would go down in the Athens Harbor, and here it delivers. Callisto is ready to kill Gabrielle if it means hurting Xena, when she finally reveals why she has such a vehement vendetta against the Warrior Princess. And with the pronouncement comes her promise to make Xena suffer by killing the people that she loves.

While they are engaged in combat, Gabrielle sneaks back into the ship to free the other women bound for slavery. But during the attempted escape the ship is lit on fire, because, things weren’t challenging enough, right?!

This issue by Meredith Finch is an exciting, satisfying conclusion to the story arc. There’s a cool sword fight, gallant heroics, and worthwhile speechifying on overcoming vengeance without becoming heavy handed. The characters line up with their TV counterparts and it looks like more adventures are ahead.

The art by Vicente Cifuentes and colors by Triona Farrell pair well with the story. It captures the look of swords, armor, pirates, and Athens of old as a fun break from the modern world. The art is clean, detailed, and easy to follow with a variety of panel structures to keep things fresh. The color choices are warm and somewhat bright without becoming cartoony.

It was a fun read and already has groundwork for another arc.

-Amanda Sheriff