KaBOOM!; $3.99 

The Land of Ooo is no stranger to facing off against wannabe criminals. You have the Ice King who is continually trying to kidnap princesses and force them into marriage, Lemongrab and his annoying lemonheaded goons, and of course the infuriating sorcery of the Magic Man. But none of these baddies have ever crossed the line the way the miscreants in this recent issue have. 

It seems a crew of bandits have invaded the Candy Kingdom and made off with an entire month’s supply of ice cream! In the middle of enjoying their morning ketchup toast, Finn and Jake notice a rumble taking place inside the heart of the Candy Kingdom. Following what appeared to be a stampede, the honorary protectors of Ooo are put on the case by Princess Bubblegum. In order to rescue the stolen supplies and hunt down the vicious bandits, Finn and Jake must become the roughest, toughest cowboys in Ooo. 

Grass Kings’ Tyler Jenkins lends his artistic and literary talents to the latest Adventure Time Comic. Cleary this isn’t his first rodeo, as he perfectly captures the western theme while giving it a playful Adventure Time twist. Don’t miss out, grab your copy today!

Braelynn Bowersox