DC; $3.99

Carter Hall knows innumerable facts about history and cultures around the world ‒ which makes sense given how many lives he’s lived as the superhero Hawkman. But, what he has come to realize is that there are missing pieces from his own history.

Hawkman sets out to Santorini, Greece to procure Ooahk Kung’s Nautilus of Revealment, which has the power to show one’s true past. After surviving the Nautilus’ very large protector, he takes the object to Xanadu in hopes that she can bring forth its abilities. But, learning about the past has consequences and Hawkman unearths a major discovery about himself, his history, and even what’s to come.

Robert Venditti wrote the Hawkman opener, providing an intriguing introduction to the new series. What he learns about himself could have a large effect on the character, especially since there’s a major event coming that he may be uniquely qualified to stop.

DC has lots of great science and tech heroes, but Carter is a man of historical study which provides different types of stories and locales outside of familiar cities. In this issue we get to see tombs, beautiful seas, and monstrous guardians all within a few pages, rendered by penciler Bryan Hitch, inkers Andrew Currie and Hitch, and colorist Alex Sinclair. It’s grand scale and closely detailed.

This is a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the character.

-Amanda Sheriff