Dynamite; $3.99

The story starts in Zemeno Arachovas, Ancient Greece where a young woman named Nazar is afflicted by something otherworldly. She could be telepathic, she could see the future, she could be possessed by a demon. Her parents rush to the local oracle seeking answers their healer can’t give and Nazar leaves home to do her own searching.

A few days later, Xena and Gabrielle are retrieving stolen property when they meet Nazar. She immediately recognizes the suffering Xena has caused and endures herself. Perplexed by the encounter, Xena decides to keep the young woman safe after she has passed out. And then someone sends an assassin after Nazar.

This issue is a jumping on point for Xena fans or those interested in learning more about the Warrior Princess. Erica Schultz is setting things up for another cool story that could involve some magical elements and monsters. There’s action, there’s deception, desperation, and people on the run. Let the adventure begin!

-Amanda Sheriff