Archie Comics; $3.99

So, things have kind of gotten serious over at Riverdale High’s spring dance, when the Blossom twins’ biological dad showed up with a gun and took everyone hostage in order to access his kids’ family fortune. In order to save themselves and their classmates, Betty, Veronica and Jughead come up with a master plan – weaponizing Archie’s extremely bad luck in order to bring down the gunman.

It’s an act of heroics undertaken by just about everyone present, even including Reggie (who has decided to take a break from being just… the worst), and it highlights the best aspects of these great characters. This is the final issue of this Archie series, and it wraps everything up pretty neatly. Mark Waid has done just a spectacular job writing this series and I’m pretty sad to see it go! Waid was able to make Archie a contemporarily relevant comic book, bringing these characters into a very modern high school setting in a way that was believable and featuring just enough drama to keep the pages turning. While I will certainly miss the laughs that this run provided, I’m just as much looking forward to what Archie Comics has planned next for Archie and his pals.

-Carrie Wood