Dynamite; $3.99

After saving her life, Nancy learned that her new friend Pete was the one who sent her the ominous letter because he wanted help in solving his mother’s murder, which the police deemed a suicide. They returned to Deadman’s Cliff and found another dead body, leading to more questions.

Nancy and Co. regrouped at Bess and George’s house to figure out where to go from there. Their investigatory plans split them up across town and just as the issue ends it looks like two of the group members might be in mortal danger – again.

This story by Kelly Thompson is delightfully Nancy Drew. It’s mysterious and complicated with some scares and some laughs. Along with the mystery, we get a dose of teenage emotions as Nancy deals with her disappointment that the letter wasn’t actually about her mother and a much cuter situation as two group members make flirty eyes at each other.

-Amanda Sheriff