KaBOOM!; $3.99

They say curiosity killed the cat, but at this rate Garfield is more likely to die of starvation than anything else. After Jon attempted to “un-spoil” Garfield and sent him running out the door, the sassy tabby has found himself in one tricky situation after the next. Following the circus adventure that ended with a bang and the recent Schnauzer-related drama, Garfield is in desperate need of a five star meal. 

Stealing hot dogs off a food truck wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Especially when it leads to an epic chase scene with the neighborhood dogs. Fortunately, this chase scene ends with Garfield finding residence with a young bearded hipster. A hipster who just so happens to works in an Italian restaurant. Spending every night surrounded by pasta is basically Garfield’s dream come true. But when robbers come to take it all away, will Garfield rise to the occasion? Or will the entire restaurant go up in flames? 

Writer Scott Nickel perfectly captures the voice of Jim Davis’ iconic creation in this new limited series. Coupled with the wonderfully cartoonish art by guest-artist Ben Sears (Volcano Trash), makes this a can’t miss issue!

Braelynn Bowersox