Marvel; $3.99

It’s not exactly the typical comic book storyline in which Spider-Man gets portrayed as the bad guy in any given scenario, but here we are, with exactly that happening, in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Doreen is convinced of the goodness that lies beneath the tough, hairy exterior of Kraven the Hunter, especially after their time spent together in a nasty escape room, but Spidey isn’t so easily persuaded and is determined to bring him in. And the only guy who can apparently convince them of their commonalities is the one guy who has the least amount in common with any of them.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is one of my favorite books, and this particular arc has been a great example of everything the creative team does so well. They were somehow able to take a character like Kraven the Hunter, a guy who has almost always been a dangerous antagonist for Spider-Man to contend with, and humanized him through his honestly delightful relationship with Doreen. I’m looking forward to what comes next for Squirrel Girl and her other animal-themed super-pals, but I also am excited at the potentiality of Kraven to return in a less-villainous role in the future.

-Carrie Wood