BOOM! Studios; $3.99

The Sharg are making their final advance in their attempt to take over Earth, and only a handful of Mech pilots remain to try and stave them off. The robos are willing to give over their own lives in order to power up the manmade, massive Suprarobo – but their pilots aren’t necessarily as willing to allow that sacrifice to happen. The bonds between the pilots and their robos are strengthened in this final battle – and the bonds between the pilots themselves are also taken to the next level.

Mech Cadet Yu was a really fun romp over the course of a dozen issues, and I’m sad to see it end. Greg Pak’s writing managed to be both a love letter to the classic mecha anime of years past and also be entirely its own unique experience. While this story has certainly reached a satisfying conclusion, I hope that this is the world the creative team chooses to revisit again somewhere down the line.

-Carrie Wood