Titan; $3.99 

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of George Mann’s 2008 novel The Affinity Bridge, Titan Comics has brought the steampunk adventures of Newbury and Hobbes to life in a new format. 

Set in Victorian England, this series follows Sir Maurice Newbury, a gentleman investigator for the Crown and his assistant Miss Veronica Hobbes who, unbeknownst to him, is an agent of the Queen as well. Need to dismantle rogue automata, uncover plots against the crown, or put down a zombie infestation? Newbury and Hobbes are the Victorian duo to call on! When skull-faced human bombs are detonated all around the city, the pair are called to the sewers of London to investigate. But the underground drain isn’t the only foul thing stinking things up in this new issue. Grab your copy and join in on the adventure today!  

Mann offers an exciting take on the original Newbury & Hobbes with all the intrigue and playfulness of the initial stories. Meanwhile the striking art by Dan Boultwood (It Came!) brings the steampunk mystery world to life.

Braelynn Bowersox