BOOM! Studios; $3.99

Picking up right where the cartoon’s series finale left off, this new series of Adventure Time comics begins with the aftermath of the battle with GOLB. Though the Candy Kingdom and a whole lot of Ooo at large suffered some pretty catastrophic destruction thanks to that final battle, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and Simon are planning a celebration in honor of the defeat of GOLB and the reconstruction of the Candy Kingdom.

While Finn and Jake are cleaning up the treehouse looking for things that remind them of the good times in Ooo, BMO suffers a critical malfunction. A weird portal to the future opens up, and – in the spirit of adventure and saving their pal – Finn and Jake jump into it. The Ooo they happen upon is far different from the one they know, and chock-full of its own issues.

Much in the same vein of the original cartoon as well as the various other comics that have been produced over the years, Adventure Time Season 11 manages to balance a fun and quirky attitude with a deeper, darker story hiding just underneath the surface. While this is probably not the best place to jump into the franchise at large – you really need the context of past relationships with these characters to understand the gravity of the situation they end up in here – it’s a great place to pick up if you were a fan of the cartoon’s finale.

-Carrie Wood