Marvel; $3.99

The Earth’s mightiest heroes have all broken their all-black variant costumes out of retirement in order to attend the funeral of Squirrel Girl… except for the part where she’s not actually dead. She’s extremely alive, actually, and is super interested in figuring out who would fake her death. When the footage of her demise shows that her imposter has not only copied her likeness but also her powers, the conclusion they reach may be more dangerous than initially thought.

The old “attending your own funeral” trope is certainly pretty played out as far as comic books are concerned, but this issue manages to keep things feeling fresh through the consistently fresh writing of Ryan North. It’s a good balance of heartfelt and hilarious. This is the start of a new story arc for Doreen, with the big question remaining – who faked her death, and why? It should prove to be an interesting one to follow for fans of this quirky series.

-Carrie Wood