KaBOOM!; $3.99

Things have been slowly increasing from bad to worse for the Crystal Gems and Steven. But now, with the Harmony Core subduing more and more of Beach City, the team must find a solution – and fast! A task that is easier said than done with Peridot, Pearl and Amethyst still trapped within the core. 

Singing a melody only Steven would recognize, the trapped Gems attempt to communicate with the remaining Gems. Together, they discover that by creating a harmonized link, they can neutralize the remaining Harmony Core’s on Earth. But while this solution should save all the innocent humans around the world, it could also leave hundreds of Gems trapped forever. Caught between a rock and a hard place with time quickly running out, the stakes have never been higher for Steven and the Crystal Gems. Can the Gems balance both problems or will everything come crumbling down around them?

Writer S.M. Vidaurri (Iron) and artist Mollie Rose (Weeds) have brought the comedic relief and adventure of the Emmy Award-nominated Cartoon Network series to life. Don’t miss out on all of the excitement and drama, grab your copy today! 

Braelynn Bowersox