Marvel; $4.99

The Marvel universe is alive and well, save for one tiny little issue – none of its heroes know who they are anymore. They have yet to “wake up” and remember who they are or any of their powers. But it’s clear that these memories are simply buried, rather than completely erased, and in this debut issue we see Matt Murdock be forced into remembering his life as Daredevil thanks to a good whack upside the head courtesy of the Punisher. What follows is Murdock struggling to cope with the truth in a world where it seems like everything else is a lie.

Marvel Knights is an interesting take on the Marvel universe, and is one that sure asks a whole lot of interesting (and unanswered) questions in this first issue. While it doesn’t bear much resemblance to the 1998 imprint of the same name, it certainly does that name justice, and is one I’d say is worth paying attention to as it hits shelves.

-Carrie Wood