Valiant; $3.99

Despite heavy amounts of pressure, Ninjak has refused to share where Livewire is hiding and has been disavowed by MI6. Believing he has one more option to save his life and avoid a government containment cell, Ninjak heads back to London. Now, he’s in the city where his former agency is headquartered, housing lots and lots of highly trained agents. What could go wrong?

Issue 14 brings the Ninja-K story to a close, after some major revelations about the Ninja program’s recruitment, training, and management programs. It’s put Ninjak in some very difficult positions, all leading to this point. This last issue by Christos Gage did not end with a complicated scheme, rather a straightforward ending, that neatly closed the series without limiting future books for Ninjak.

He’s such a complex, interesting, and downright cool character, so here’s hoping for more Ninjak soon!

-Amanda Sheriff