Titan; $3.99 

As Jodie Whittaker’s first season as the Thirteenth Doctor nears its end onscreen, her comic adventures are just starting to heat up! After crash landing into the lives of Graham, Yasmin, and Ryan, the Doctor has already exposed the trio to magnificent wonders and terrible dangers.  

While admiring the beauty of the sentient nebulae of Blecplam in 3912, an eerily familiar disruption leaves the Doctor with some temporal spatial déjà vu. Things increase from strange to stranger with the arrival of time-travellers and thieves Perkins and Doctor Schulz. The new arrivals reveal that after time-traveling into the lair of a treasure-hungry creature, they had become unwilling thieves. As the Doctor tries to come up with a plan to help Perkins and Doctor Schulz, another arrival takes precedence. Now, surrounded by the Grand Army of the Just, one final revelation will leave readers speechless. 

Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Faith) continues to capture the whirlwind new personality of the Doctor, while taking her and her new companions on exciting new adventures. Coupled with the striking art of award-winning artist Rachael Stott (Motherlands) makes this a can’t miss issue! 

Braelynn Bowersox