KaBOOM!; $3.99

The Crystal Gems and Steven have had their hands full for quite some time now. As the Harmony Core continues subduing more and more of Beach City’s residents, time is running out for the valiant heroes. After discovering that the Gems could communicate with one another through a singular melody, a plan was put into place to neutralize the remaining Harmony Core’s on Earth. 

Unfortunately, the Gems realize that while this solution could save all the innocent humans around the world, it could also leave hundreds of Gems trapped forever. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Gems struggle to come up with a solution that saves everyone. With time rapidly running out and tension between the Gems growing by the minute, the stakes have never been higher. When the location of the last Harmony Core on Earth is revealed, it’s officially decision time for the Crystal Gems…

Writer S.M. Vidaurri (Iron) and artist Mollie Rose (Weeds) have crafted an epic conclusion to the Harmony Core miniseries. The detailed visuals teamed with the perfectly timed comedic relief makes this a must read for fans of Steven Universe

Braelynn Bowersox