Marvel; $4.99

The oceans are being poisoned, threatening all life that lives within the water – Atlantis and its people included. In order to combat the threat from the surface world, Namor travels deep into the ocean’s trenches in order to find the king of the Vodans, another sea-dwelling folk who have fought against Atlantis for many years. But despite rising to the challenge that the Vodan king has in store for him, Namor’s greatest foe and most severe obstacle to his success remains to be defeated.

As he’s one of the longest-running Marvel characters of all time (he celebrates his 80th birthday next year), it’s always kind of neat to see Namor back in his own title. Chip Zdarsky really nails the overall feel of the character and gives weight to his emotionally-driven actions, but the standout factor in this debut issue is easily the artwork. Carlos Magno and Ian Herring have put together an objectively beautiful comic book here, and I look forward to seeing what this creative team is able to do with this legendary character going forward.

-Carrie Wood