DC; $3.99

The “Citizen’s Arrest” arc comes to an end in Green Arrow #47. In the previous issue, it was revealed that Police Officer Stranz is the Citizen – right before he kidnapped Oliver Queen with the intention of putting him on trial.

The story picks up here with Oliver sitting in an electric chair and Citizen recounting his crimes to all the viewers on social media. Citizen is so blinded by his anger toward the wealthy that even if he gave Oliver the chance to defend himself, the former police officer wouldn’t listen – and that put’s Oliver in a very dangerous position.

This arc has been very enjoyable – both for the action and for the subject matter. Anger toward one percenters and the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the country is a real topic of frustration. This story by Julie Benson and Shawna Benson explores that, but in a way that makes for a good superhero comic too.

-Amanda Sheriff