Marvel; $3.99

Jango Fett, for many, was a highlight of the otherwise much-maligned prequel trilogy of Star Wars films. A badass Mandalorian bounty hunter who served as the genetic basis for an entire army (and also was the “father” of Boba Fett, another hugely popular character) – but one who didn’t see much in terms of screen time. Though known as one of the most effective mercenaries of the final years of the Republic, fans haven’t been treated to much of his backstory – until now.

Jango Fett is a solidly compelling look at Jango’s history, detailing how he was convinced to allow the cloners on Kamino have access to his genetic template, as well as highlighting how he trained Boba from a young age. As the essay in the back of this book says, “You just need to be good at your job, look cool doing it, and the fans will remember you forever.” I’ve always considered Jango and Boba to be the epitome of “cool” in the Star Wars universe, so it’s kind of unfortunate that this is just a one-shot. I hope it’s successful enough to spawn a miniseries or ongoing story focused on Jango and Boba, and maybe we'll get to see more of this story soon.

-Carrie Wood