DC; $3.99

Things have settled down after the Citizen terrorized Seattle’s elite and Green Arrow is back to stopping minor threats from causing damage. Dinah tries to get Ollie to open up about Roy’s death and the cavalcade of other painful things that have occurred, and Green Arrow meets someone new who wants to fight for the city. Now would be the time for Count Vertigo to improve his skills dramatically and reenter the picture.

Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing tag team on this issue that sees things go all topsy turvy. The new dire situation with a more powerful Vertigo mirrors Ollie’s muddled emotional state and with the Count, things could definitely get worse.

Artist Javier Fernandez and colorist John Kalisz bring the story to life with the right amount of disorientation without making it unclear or unpleasant. The way the city gets twisted makes for some twisted visuals, but the art is still clear and easy to follow as it conveys Vertigo’s impact.

-Amanda Sheriff