Marvel; $3.99

Last issue, Doreen and Tony were finally face-to-face with the Skrull who had impersonated both of them, and she came bearing a dire warning – that Earth was doomed. Of course, Earth has been doomed many, many times over as far as Marvel’s universe is concerned, so really, what else is new? But this Skrull detailed her own planet’s history, as well as her personal tale (she’s not just a Skrull but also a Mutant); unfortunately, it’s a story that seems bound to end with another Skrull invasion.

Ryan North’s writing throughout Squirrel Girl has managed to hit the high points of comedy, drama, and genuine emotion. This issue in particular may be the most heartwarming one yet, though, as it touches on the somewhat-familial relationship between Doreen and Tony as well as showing that Skrulls are more than just a faceless enemy in a war. This is a series that somehow continues to get better with every issue, and it’s one I can’t recommend enough.

-Carrie Wood