BOOM! Studios; $3.99

Learning how to drive is a rite of passage for young adults around the world. Some take to it better than others. Consider Daisy as one of the “others” – despite her unyielding optimism, she cannot grasp how a car handles in a way that is even remotely safe to really anyone on the planet. Meanwhile, Esther has a new (and unexpected) fuzzy roommate, courtesy of the ever-eccentric Dean. And in Susan’s world, her boyfriend McGraw’s brother has shown up, making her life just ever so insufferable because of his presence.

Giant Days continues to be a series that’s probably relatable for anyone who ever had an on-campus living experience in college. While the situations end up somewhat over the top (it is a comic book, after all), it’s still wildly funny and compelling regardless. Giant Days continues to be one of BOOM!’s best series and is one of my must-reads with every new issue.

-Carrie Wood