KaBOOM!; $14.99

The original Grumpy Cat has had one heck of a summer! After Jon attempted to “un-spoil” Garfield, the tabby has found himself in one extreme situation after the next. The four-issue limited series follows the tabby as he ventures outside the friendly confines of his home. First, at the behest of an old-timey clown, Garfield runs away to join the circus. But when the act involves a cannon, the Fat Cat decides its time to move.

He manages to dazzle a rich little girl into taking him home and revels in the lap of luxury. Unfortunately, two snobby champion Schnauzers turn the entire experience into a nightmare. On the run once again, Garfield is desperate for a hot meal. Fortunately, a young hipster working in an Italian restaurant takes the sassy cat home. Before long, Garfield finds himself in the care of a crazy cat lady who turns him into a viral sensation. When Jon comes across Garfield on the web, he sets out to bring him home. But will Garfield even want to come home? 

Writer Scott Nickel perfectly captures the voice of Jim Davis’ iconic creation in this new limited series. Coupled with the wonderfully cartoonish art Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb (Adventure Time), Sara Talmadge (Steven Universe), Ben Sears, and Genevieve FT (Archie), makes this a can’t miss series!

Braelynn Bowersox