DC; $3.99

A doctor was killed in Gotham City, and Batman is convinced that Harley Quinn is the murderer, though she vehemently denies any involvement. Rather than try to escape his custody, Harley suggests that she help Batman solve the case to prove her innocence. But, before they can begin investigating, Harley handcuffs herself to Batman.

Seeing Batman and Harley work together is like watching a sitcom with a grumpy, disciplined father and a rebellious, wisecracking daughter. Sam Humphries has been writing some pretty amusing Harley Quinn comics and this current story is a standout. The contrasting personalities of Harley and Batman make for an entertaining adventure, plus the case itself is a nice mystery.

John Timms’ art and Alex Sinclair’s colors make the story even better with Harley’s manic enthusiasm and Batman’s impressive grumpiness. It has action, it’s very colorful, and the panels are designed with lots of variety to make each page fresh.

-Amanda Sheriff