Marvel; $3.99

While Kamala Khan for the most part enjoys her life as a superheroine, she also has to deal with the fact that she’s still a high schooler that has to deal with high schooler problems. But something far worse than homework arrives in the form of a subspace wormhole that warps her pals to a different dimension, courtesy of an alien race called the Rzzk’lyzz. Off she goes through the portal (conveniently located in the Circle Q’s freezer) in order to rescue her friends – or is she the one in need of their help?

This issue is a celebration of five full years of Ms. Marvel, a book that instantly became one of my favorites. It’s hard to think about Kamala having graced comic pages for five years already. But I think she’s been the heroine of this generation – the diverse, inclusive superhero that manages to be as relatable as she is powerful. This issue also marks the last one for G. Willow Wilson, who originated the series (and I suggest you take the time to read her farewell letter at the end of the book). I look forward to the next chapter for Ms. Marvel, but Wilson has certainly set quite the standard to live up to.

-Carrie Wood