DC; $3.99

Batman #68 is a tale of two stories. Rewind back to before the wedding that didn’t happen to when the Bat and the Cat were a happy – for them – betrothed couple. Lois Lane takes Selina out for a bachelorette party – to the Fortress of Solitude. Their evening is mostly ladies’ night shenanigans, involving elements of the Fortress and things get pretty funny. Meanwhile, Bruce and Clark spend their evening enjoying soup, talking about paintings, watching football, and playing chess. Not quite the same level of excitement.

It’s a significant departure from the rest of the Knightmares arc, that comes with humor and some optimism, for Selina, at least. But, when the reader comes to the end, the Knightmare aspect becomes clear and the issue takes a turn. The tonal change, both from previous issues and near the end of this one, could be jarring for readers, but I liked it.

This arc is getting a little too long, especially considering how disorienting it is in the “real or not real” scenarios. Batman #68 gives readers a small break from more dire situations, with much credit due to the comical art of Amanda Conner.

-Amanda Sheriff