Dynamite; $3.99 

In the past few days, former astronaut turned bionic secret agent Steve Austin has seen his bionic upgrades rapidly decrease in value. The Six Million Dollar Man has now become the $68,004 man, and is in need of a serious upgrade. To make matters worse, Austin and Japanese secret agent Niko are still on the run from combat samurais and KGB agents in Japan. 

After successfully destroying a missile that threatened to implode the entire United States, and surviving a family betrayal that hit Niko very close to home, the pair are still hunting the madman behind it all – Amari. But amid the drama, Austin’s inner wiring is still compromised causing him to lose control of his bionics. Just when it seems things couldn’t get any worse, Austin and Niko stumble upon an assassination plot against Vice President Patterson. Turning to an unlikely source for assistance, Niko and Austin are determined to stop Amari in his tracks. 

Christopher Hastings (Secret Agent Deadpool) combines action with humor in this latest issue of The Six Million Dollar Man. Coupled with the dramatic images by David Hahn (Batman ’66) makes this a can’t miss issue!

Braelynn Bowersox