Marvel; $3.99

The Warners have been found out – their house has been set ablaze and their mission has seemingly come completely undone. But it’s not because any of them failed, or because humans have uncovered who they really are; it’s due to the fact that one of their own sold them out. Now on the run, the Warners must decide what matters most to them: their duty, or their family.

Meet the Skrulls turned out to be a really genuinely fun miniseries for Marvel, turning one of their most classic groups of villains into something far more sympathetic. Now that all five issues in the series are out, I’d strongly recommend picking it up once it gets collected into a trade, if you haven’t read it already. I also hope that we get to see more of this particular group of Skrulls sometime in the future – it doesn’t seem like the Warner family’s story is about to end anytime soon.

-Carrie Wood