IDW; $3.99

The old Whaley house has been empty for years and many believe it to be haunted, so people in town become quite curious when a young woman named Veruca Curry buys the old place. One night a trio of local kids hear noises coming from the house and discover that Veruca is a witch.

During school the next day, Rosie, Carlos, and Becca meet to confirm what they saw the night before. Unfortunately for them, things get even scarier after school when they each get attacked by magical means.

Horror of the Witch House is another fun Goosebumps miniseries from IDW. This issue by Denton J. Tipton and Matthew Dow Smith provides a suspenseful couple of pages that are sure to excite young readers, while also touching on the popularity hierarchy of school.

The art by Chris Fenoglio is detailed and cartoon-like and colors by Valentina Pinto alternate between bright and fun to slightly dark and ominous. They do a great job of telling the story.

-Amanda Sheriff