Desperado Publishing; $14.99

In ancient folklore, a revenant is a ghost, or in some cases an animated corpse like a ghoul or a zombie, that returned from the grave to terrorize the living. In Sapphire City, those being terrorized are ruthless figures in the criminal world who years gone by, on the Day of the Dead, killed one of their own. Is it he who’s come back to wipe them out? Mixing the pulp feel of the Shadow with the supernatural and a modern crime story, The Revenant is a graphic novel from Keith Giffen and Shannon Denton (story), Rob Worley (writer), and Matt Santolouco (art). It’s not intended for children (language and violence), but it’s a very interesting modern run at the world of pulp adventures and the old tale of criminals who sell out their own. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.