Boom! Studios; $3.99

This mini-series faked us out back in April 2007 when Boom! Studios released Mr. Stuffins #1. We loved. We were immediately hooked. We gave it a rave reivew. Then… well, nothing.

After serving a two-year false start penalty (okay, we don't know, and now that it's going again , we don't care), they released a new version of #1 last month and here they are with Mr. Stuffins #2 as if this is how it was supposed to be all along.

Good thing, too, because Mr. Stuffins #2 actually proves to have been worth the wait. We get to see the suddenly misprogrammed teddy bear in action as he protects young Zach from foes both real and imagined.

It has the bombastic all-ages appeal of Big Fat Liar and the action of Agent Cody Banks. Someday soon a studio executive will be called on the carpet to explain why he passed on this property. Get it. Read it. Love it.