As we slowly approach October and the spooky madness it brings, many people are eagerly awaiting the cooler weather, pumpkin carving, and scary movie marathons. Why not dress for the occasion in style? 

Pop culture apparel company Cakeworthy recently launched three new collections perfect for Halloween time! The company is celebrating 25 years of Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas with a selection of flannels, statement headwear and unique accessory pieces. At the same time, Cakeworthy has released their 2018 Disney Halloween collection, complete with a villainous hoodie featuring your favorite Disney baddies. 

This fall, the company is also releasing a Goosebumps collection, inspired by the spinetingling excitement of R.L. Stine’s classic series. Reader beware you’re in for an epic Goosebumps hoodie and signature flannel.  

Both the Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney Halloween collection are available for purchase now. Launching sometime this fall, the look book for the Goosebumps collection is also available for viewing on Cakeworthy