Sparkle City Comics has acquired a sizable percentage – 1,500 issues -- of the Bethlehem pedigree collection, the company has reported.

“These one-of-a-kind treasures have been together in the possession of a single investor for a long period of time. Historically, the Bethlehem collection was probably the largest and most varied pedigree collection to surface subsequent to the swift market value rise of the Mile High collection copies in the early 1980s,” said Sparkle City’s Brian Schutzer.

“The importance of some pedigrees may be argued but not the import of this pedigree collection. A year or so before the Bethlehem collection, Sparkle City Comics was pivotal in recognizing the undervaluation of the Mile High collection and over a one to two year period moved this market from 1.5 times top Guide value to 4 times top Guide. This value has sustained itself consistently and has even grown over the last 25-30 years,” he said.

The Sparkle City grading staff is in the process of submitting about half of this new acquisition to the CGC, the company reported.

“Collectors can expect a significant number of copies to appear on the Sparkle City eBay auction site beginning by mid-to-late March,” he said.

“There are numerous ECs and highest graded copies as well as beautiful copies of many hard to find 1950s issues. There are many Gold Keys, Dell, Fawcett, and DC issues among other publishers,” he said.