Alice in Wonderland has long been a beloved story, entrancing audiences with magical creatures, wacky characters, and delightful feats of the imagination. On April 2, 2016, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM) will welcome Alice’s fans to the Alice in Wonderland Exhibit.

Before the doors open to the public, Scoop was given a preview of the exhibit by GEM’s Collections and Exhibits Manager Michael Solof. Art, statues, and more from the collection of Matt Crandall will decorate the walls of GEM, beginning in the lobby, and wrapping through the gallery like an adventure of discovery.

Part of the focus will be on movie posters. “That’s really neat. We have movie posters from around the world, in all sorts of different languages, with beautiful images from everywhere. So many people have interpreted Alice in different ways that it’s just wonderful to bring those together for this exhibit,” Solof said. He went on to list Czechoslovakian, Danish, Australian, German, Italian, Swedish, Belgian, French, and Argentinean as countries represented on the movie posters.

Alongside the posters, the exhibit will include a variety of art, statutes, and more. “We have animation cels. We have rotoscope pictures from the original movies that were filmed and then used to make the animation over or to inspire things in the actual film itself. We have sculptures covering all different periods, busts, and merchandising in all different characters. Gorgeous original drawings and sketches done for the film to design storyboards, model sheets, to really focus on the film in every aspect of it and to show off the beautiful artwork that Disney was famous for. We’re also going to have magazine illustrations, advertisements, newspaper clippings, and interesting things about the movies themselves,” Solof said.

The Alice in Wonderland Exhibit will be open to the public for six months, beginning on April 2, 2016 at GEM. The museum is located at Camden Yards, 301 W. Camden Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. More details can be found at www.geppismuseum.com or by calling (410) 625-7060.

It’ll be a wonderful time for all, so don’t be late!