Holy exhibits, Batman! Now, through October 2017, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM) is hosting an exhibit entitled The Dark Knight Through The Decades. This special exhibit offers attendees the chance to journey through time with the caped crusader.

Not only does this exhibit feature art from 1939 up through today, but it also includes about 35 different sculptures of Batman and his various nemesis. Included in the collection from Ian Paregol are over 45 autographed pictures of every Batman villain from the original 1966 television series. Also featured are 14 pieces of original art from collector Nick Katradis’ archives, as well as covers and splash pages by various artists.

This exhibit is GEM’s first attempt at a rotating exhibit, meaning the art will be ever changing during the run. As such, the exhibit either has, does, or will contain art by Frank Miller, Will Eisner, Bob Kane, Darwyn Cooke, Alex Ross, Kelley Jones, George Pérez, David Finch, Walt Simonson, Matt Wagner, Amanda Conner, Jim Balent, Mike Grell, John Cassaday, Mark Wheatley, Mark McKenna, Jim Aparo, Jae Lee, Graham Nolan, J.G. Jones, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mike Hawthorne, Vincent Spencer, Shawn Martinbrough, Rob Guillory, Mike Hoffman, Paul Gulacy, Jenny Frison, Michael Champion, Dick Giordano, Sara Richards, Oliva, Francesco, Jim Calafiore, Ken Lashley, Jim Lee, Peter Poplaski, Dick Sprang, and Adam Hughes. 

Since the opening of The Dark Knight Through The Decades in March, fans of the iconic hero have been pouring into the museum.

“Attendance has been fantastic, so many Batman fans out there! We’ve been getting great feedback so far. I really love the challenge of constantly trying to find new art for the show, especially with so many artists excited about helping out. Now it’s just trying to find the time during their busy convention season to create a new piece or find a buried treasure in their archives. But that’s what makes this project so much fun, I never know where or into what collector’s vault it’s going to lead me,” GEM Collections and Exhibits Manager Michael Solof said.

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the legend of Batman. GEM is located in Camden Yards on 301 West Camden Street in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information on the Dark Knight exhibit, as well as future museum projects, visit www.geppismuseum.com.