Japanese tokusatsu hero Ultraman will be heading to the U.S. courtesy of a reboot in the works from Starlight Runner Entertainment. Starlight has been tapped by Tokyo-based Tsuburaya Productions to help expand the Ultraman lore outside of Japan, which will potentially include a live-action streaming series.

The original Ultraman series, Ultra Q, debuted in 1966, and was quickly followed up by Ultraman that same year; the latter focuses on a man, Hayata, who is a member of Earth’s Science Patrol. The Science Patrol is an anti-monster defense force with the aim of protecting the Earth from unknown alien forces. Hayata is able to transform into the giant alien, Ultraman, to help defeat these extraterrestrial beings. The franchise has since gone on to include dozens of television series, with the most recent being Ultraman R/B, as well as films, video games, manga, and more. A computer-animated series, ULTRAMAN, is set for a 2019 release on Netflix.

Tsuburaya is hoping to restore the Ultraman series outside of Japan, with Starlight partnering with The Licensing Group to reboot the franchise across various platforms in multiple international markets.

Ultraman is one of my greatest childhood heroes. We’re honored to be embarking on this mission to bring this family of characters back to the world stage,” Starlight Runner CEO Jeff Gomez said in a statement.