When he’s not taking down Nazis and witches as the “World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator,” Hellboy often relaxes with a smokey cigar and a hefty pint. Now, fans of the Right Hand of Doom have the chance to enjoy some Hellboy-themed ales. 

Oregon’s Gigantic Brewing Company, in a partnership with Dark Horse Comics and series creator Mike Mignola, will be releasing a line of six beers to coincide with Hellboy’s 25th anniversary celebration. Limited to 666 cases, each beer will highlight a different character of the Mignola-verse and feature a different flavor profile. The cases will be released every seven weeks or so.

Kicking things off is the Great Beast’s brew, which combines maple syrup and pancake flavoring for a 6.66% ABV. Ahead of the official launch on Hellboy Day – March 23, 2019 – Emerald City Comic Con attendees can sample the beer at an off-site event. 

Subsequent releases include Liz Sherman’s Mole Chili Stout (6.66% ABV), Johann Kraus’ Citrus Wit Beer (6.66% ABV) Abe Sapien’s Indigo Blue Fruit Ale (6.66% ABV), Blood Queen’s Cranberry Yuzu Sour (6.66% ABV) and Trevor Bruttenholm’s British Barleywine (9.99% ABV). All six labels feature art by art by Mignola and Dave Stewart.

This is the latest in Hellboy-inspired beverages, following the 2017 release of XXX Distillery’s limited edition Hell Water. Rather than water, the drink was actually a cinnamon-flavored 66.6% proof whiskey. 

More information on the hell-raising brews can be found on the Gigantic Brewing Company's official website.