Nearly 15 years ago, comic book writer David Lapham penned a 12-issue arc for Detective Comics entitled “City of Crime.” The Batman story was initially supposed to be drawn by artist Bill Sienkiewicz, who illustrated its first issue, Detective Comics #801.

When outside factors prevented Sienkiewicz from finishing the run, DC Comics and then Batman editor Bob Shreck decided to start the arc over with a new artist. 

Now, Lapham has provided fans with a link to download the entirety of Sienkiewicz’ unpublished version of Detective Comics #801 for free. This PDF file includes 22 pages of artwork, two splash pages and some insight into Laphams creative process.

“[The artists who took over] were Roman Bachs and Nathan Massengill who drew the hell out of the book, and Im super proud of the final product,” Lapham said. “This is just a look at an alternate path the book may have taken.”

To reach larger audiences, Lapham promoted the link on his Twitter page, prompting Sienkiewicz to reply: “So kind, my friend! We'll do something together again that WILL get published.”

The “City of Crime” arc began with Detective Comics #801 in February 2005 and concluded with #814 in February 2006.