Sean Goodrich, former auction co-ordinator for ComicLink and co-owner of DotCom Comics, suffered severe injuries recently following a climbing incident in New Hampshire.  

According to his GoFundMe page he, “sustained multiple bone breaks and fractures in his back, pelvis, neck, ribs, arm, and he also tore his aorta. He has a concussion as well.”

The medical bills to cover his injuries “will be staggering, and Sean and Tami have a very large deductible (they are both self-employed, and their insurance is basically catastrophic). They are going to need upwards of $30,000 to start with the initial costs of emergency care, Life Flight to Maine Med, and the multiple surgeries Sean has already had, and will need.”

The GoFundMe page asks for prayers for the family and for those who can to “donate as much as you can financially to help them cover these medical bills.”

The page continues, “This situation will be very tough on their family in many ways, and they have a long road ahead of processing emotions, balancing life’s work, and family logistics, and Sean’s mending, recovery and into physical therapy which is likely to be extensive. Stay on the alert for updates, and know that they may need help with meals, chores, and logistics of everyday life. We’re likely to set up a meal train as well.”