This December 2019, the current Doctor Strange title is not coming to an end! Rather, Marvel Comics is relaunching the title as a new series – Dr. Strange: Surgeon Supreme. Writer Mark Waid (History of the Marvel Universe) continues his run with the Master of the Mystic Arts as he enters a new era that sees his hands miraculously healed…just in time to stop a hoard of demons from infecting humankind. 

“The impossible has happened! Doctor Strange’s hands have been healed, restoring his surgical skills – but now he’s being torn between his obligations as the Sorcerer Supreme and as a neurosurgeon. And when he’s forced to choose which vows to uphold, who suffers most for it? After all, magic always has a cost…Be here for a brand new era of magic…and horror from Mark Waid and Kev Walker,” reads the official solicitation for Dr. Strange: Surgeon Supreme #1.  

Waid will be joined by artist Kev Walker (Black Panther), who previously illustrated an issue of Doctor Strange back in 2015.

Dr. Strange: Surgeon Supreme #1, featuring with a cover by Phil Noto, hits shelves this December.