Leading up to New York Comic Con, DC Collectibles unveiled the new selection of action figures and statues. This includes multiple figures in a few different lines that’ll be available in 2020.

The Batman: The Adventures Continue additions feature a mash-up of the Batman Who Laughs in the Adventures style by Ty Templeton. Other additions to that line are Talon, Hush, and Thomas Wayne as Batman.

The Batman: Black & White Statues series adds Batman by Jim Lee, Batman by Frank Miller, and Batmonster by Greg Capullo.

New DC Essentials action figures are Batman Rebirth version 2, The Flash Speed Force, Nightwing New 52, Superman: The Return of Superman, and Essentially DCeased figures of Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Superman.

Other additions are Harley Quinn Red, White & Black by Steve Pugh, DC Bombshells Statue Carrie Kelly as Robin D, DC Cover Girls Harley Quinn by Frank Cho, and DC Designer Series Batman by Alex Ross.