In celebration of the life and legacy of the late Joe Kubert, The Rochester Institute of Technology is breaking ground on The Joe Kubert Library of Comics & Popular Art. While a foundational collection of Kubert’s art will serve as the core, this new facility is also proposed to be “a world class library, maker space, and exhibition space.” 

“The Rochester Institute of Technology is establishing a world class library, maker space, and museum devoted to comic books and popular arts. Building from a foundational collection of Joe Kubert’s studio materials, process artwork, original art, and published work, the Kubert Library will be a one of a kind center for the study, appreciation, and production of comic books and related arts,” RIT said in a statement. “The Library will be a centerpiece for RIT’s Comics Studies Initiative, which includes an undergraduate comics studies curriculum, a summer arts institute for aspiring creative professionals, and rotating public exhibits, screenings, and symposia.”

RIT Associate Professor Daniel Worden will also spearhead an initiative to host artists in residence at the library. 

“RIT is basically archiving everything that was in Dad’s studio when he passed seven years ago,” tweeted Adam Kubert. “The idea is to become a destination for artifacts from past and present storytellers/narrative artists in order to pass on skills and knowledge using a hands-on educational approach.”

RIT has set up an endowment for the Joe Kubert Library and is also currently accepting donated artwork, comics, process materials for the library.