In preparation for their 20th annual event, Baltimore Comic-Con has announced their programing schedule. Panels will be held throughout the weekend on Friday to Sunday, October 18-20, 2019.

On Friday there will be spotlights on Brian K. Vaughan and William Stout, John McCrea and Russ Braun will talk about their work in comics, Howard Chaykin will discuss his Hey, Kids! Comics! series, and Disney fine artist Clinton T. Hobart will begin a painting that he’ll finish and raffle away on Sunday.

Saturday will see publisher panels for AHOY, AfterShock, and Source Point Press. Jim Lee, Garth Ennis, and Ty Templeton appear in special spotlight panels. Media guest Joel Stoffer will do a Q&A. Juanjo Guarnido, Thom Zahler, Greg Hildebrandt, and Mark Buckingham will talk about this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook prior to the art auction.

On Sunday, Valiant and AfterShock will host publisher panels. Media guests Johnathon Schaech, Tara Strong and Greg Cipes, and Aaron Douglas will appear in panels. Shea Fontana will talk about writing, Tom King and Mitch Gerads will discuss comics, and Kevin Nowlan is spotlighted.

Highlights also include breaking into comics, a panel with Stan Sakai and Walter Simonson, crowdfunding comics with Billy Tucci, a look at Top Shelf, building a cosplay photo shoot, Mutant-X Revisited, art auction, writing panel descriptions for comics, essentials of worldbuilding, costume contest, Kids Love Comics workshops, drawing Star Wars comics with Jamie Cosley, coffee and comics with Amy Chu and Dan Parent, the art of inking, webcomics, and more.

The full panel schedule is available on Baltimore Comic-Con’s website. Tickets can also be ordered online.