Writer-director Stuart Gordon, known for cult classic horror films and theatrical work, has passed away at age 72.

Gordon was well known for directing and co-writing the screenplay for Re-Animator, a cult hit among horror aficionados. The sci-fi horror flick followed an unhinged medical student who experiments with reanimating dead tissue – including humans.

A Chicago native, Gordon worked as a commercial artist apprentice and majored in theater at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At this time, he founded his first theater company, Screw Theater, then later co-founded Organic Theater Company with his wife Carolyn Purdy-Gordon.

Gordon co-authored the play Warp!, about an everyman bank teller who learns he is the “avenger of the universe.” The show had a short run on Broadway in ’73 and had a spinoff comic book series.

In addition to Re-Animator, his work in horror directing included ’80s gems like From Beyond (which he co-wrote) and The Dolls. He also directed Fortress, Castle Freak, King of the Ants, and Edmond.

He co-created the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise, produced the sequel, and directed an episode of the TV show.

Gordon’s writing credits included the TV show E/R, he wrote the story for Robot Jox, and the screenplay for Body Snatchers and The Dentist.

Recently he directed the show Nevermore…An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe in an LA theater and he directed and co-wrote the book for Re-Animator: The Musical.