CBCS is hosting a mail-in signing with James Tynion IV, Lucio Parrillo, Carla Cohen, Inhyuk Lee, and Francesco Mattina. This opportunity is for regular sized comic books (no trades or hardcovers) and the books will be graded after the signing.

Submissions can be done by visiting CBCScomics.com, on the upper righthand corner click “submit comics” and login (regular membership is free). Click “add comic” and enter information about the book, including the name of each person you want to sign the book and use the present date as the signing date (CBCS will adjust it later). After the process is repeated for any other books submitted for signing, complete the checkout procedure for payment and shipping. Print the invoice and package the books and send them to CBCS Mail-In, Attn: Cody James Lockwood, 6450 Moon Lake Road, Jackson, Michigan 49201.

Books must be received no later than July 17, 2020.

Once books are received, CBCS will add creators’ signature fees to the invoice and charge the credit card. The fee for Tynion is $30, Parrillo is $35, Cohen is $25, Lee is $25, and Mattina is $35.

Pressing and non-pressing books must be on separate invoices. Also, ASP Yellow Label (signed) and CBCS Blue Label books (non-signed) cannot be combined on the same invoice.

For the signings, all books must be prepped with pre-cut signing window bags. The name, email, shipping address, phone number, and list of creators to sign the books should be on the back of each backing board. Books may be sent in slabs, however, CBCS does not guarantee that books will retain their preestablished grade.

They do not have a guaranteed turnaround time, however they expect to ship books around September.